Memories of some sort. High thoughts .

I guess all that shit was worthless.. Nobody else could really understand.. This. Why it means so much to me, but i guess everything happens for a reason .. Looking back into memories feels like a love hate relationship, feels good and makes me happy that it happened.. but also sad, sad because nothing will ever be the same and knowing you took that little special moment for granted . That you did not realize how much happier you were, more than you are now. Because memories will last forever, and they’ll always make you feel a certain way, memories can bring joy, but can also hurt ..


I really really miss you and wish we were speaking


Love Disney? This blog is totally Disney!!

Maybe we shouldn’t be together, back to where we used to be. Me wanting it more than you, i can’t want a life like this. not when you do this.


Love Disney? This blog is everything Disney!
I have looked at you
in millions of ways and
I have loved you in each
Haiku  (via emmalynsullivan)

Nobody knows the truth. Nobody will.